Suzanne Duchamp in Philadelphia

A drawing by Suzanne Duchamp, recently acquired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is now on view in the PMA exhibition The Duchamp Family. The exhibition, which I co-curated with Matthew Affron, includes a rotating selection of prints and drawings. Suzanne Duchamp’s The Man with Tired Eyes (c. 1921) is the Museum’s newest acquisition by a member of the Duchamp family of artists and its third work by Suzanne Duchamp. It joins Marcel Duchamp’s Unhappy Readymade (c. 1919-1920) and the stunning Self Portrait (c. 1920), which was featured in a previous rotation in The Duchamp Family. As works on paper, the drawings will not remain on view with regularity after The Duchamp Family. The current rotation continues through the conclusion of the exhibition in August 2019.